My Milk Makeup Sephora Haul + Review!

Milk Makeup is trending crazy hard these days. For us in Canada who don't have the much sought after Glossier line, we're gonna happily settle on Milk, the latest minimal makeup brand to come out of New York. While Glossier is more focused on the no-makeup makeup look and, dewy, radiant skin, I feel like Milk is all about looking like a holographic alien creature. Seriously. Just have a peak on their YouTube channel and you'll see what I mean. 

Anyway, I went on a little shopping spree and picked up some items that peaked my curiosity. A cooling water stick that looks like deodorant and soothes tired yes? Yes please! A face gloss that makes you look super glam and editorial? Gimme! And how about that Holographic highlight that everyone is talking about? Yes, yes, yes!

Keep reading if you want to know what I think of Milk Makeup. Heads up, I did my homework for you guys and used these products for about a month before reviewing them for you here. You're welcome! ;)



I picked up four items from the New York based makeup line - one skincare and three makeup items for a total of $111, all purchased at Sephora with my own hard owned money. #NotSpon With tax (HST in Ontario), that comes to a final price of $125.43. Damn!


I felt compelled to pick this up after trying it in store at Sephora. It just felt so good when I swatched it on the back of my hand, like cold liquid water gliding over the surface of my skin. I wanted to see what it would do for my tired eyes in the morning and if Milk Makeup could would actually succeed as a skincare and makeup brand alike. I've been using it for about a month now and honestly, it's one of my favourite things to do in my morning skincare routine.

Price: $29

What's in it: Caffeine and marine minerals. 

The verdict: It's soothing and feels incredible! It's a gel stick that feels like you're gliding cool water over your tired eyes and I seriously love how it feels. Honestly, I use it every morning and run it under my eyes a few times to de-puff and hydrate. I hear caffeine is supposed to get rid of dark under eye circles as well, but maybe I just need more sleep because it doesn't seem to be helping me in that department. (Then again the product description doesn't claim to.)

Cons: Honestly, it's pricey. Garnier makes a similar product for literally a third of the cost (here).

Would I buy it again? Probably, but this stick has a whole lot of product so I have a feeling it'll last me a long time.


The product that turned me on to Milk Makeup was their Eye Vinyl. I typed the words “eye gloss” into the Sephora search bar and this was one of the items that came up. After carefully reading the description of Kevin Aucion and Surratt Beauty's “glossy” eye products (more like shimmer from what I could tell), I decided Milk's Eye Vinyl was the way to go. I was looking for a product to give me an editorial glossy eye with minimal creasing and high shine. BTW these vinyls come in four shades and I bought mine in the colour Bridge, which is a super sheer nude shade.

Price: $24

What's in it: Natural oils and rice bran wax.

The verdict: It’s exactly what I was looking for! Super high-shine, editorial, glossy eyes! It's so much better than using lipgloss on my eyelids since this stuff is made safe for the use on eyes. The consistency of this product is thicker than their Face Gloss (below), therefore, it doesn't crease nearly as much.

Cons: Best used on it's own without shadow or liner. Creasing is to be expected when used with an eyeshadow. Smudging is to be expected when using eyeliner. To minimize creasing when used with other eye makeup, dab a little dot of gloss on the centre of your eyelids.

Would I buy it again? Yes! It’s my new favourite thing to add to my no-makeup-makeup look and it looks so fresh!


Being inspired by the whole glossy eye lid thing, I decided to take my look a step further and add gloss to my entire face. That’s right. I’m intentionally choosing to look shiny for the sake of having interesting makeup. Now in case your wondering if you can use this as an eye gloss, sure go for it, but I will tell you now that the Face Gloss is thinner in texture therefore it will run and crease on the eyes. The Eye Vinyl is made for eyes, therefore the formula is thicker to with stand that part of your face. Of course everyone’s skin is different and what works for me, might not work for you.

Price: $24

What's in it: According to the Sephora site, this is a vitamin rich formula. What vitamins you ask, it doesn’t say. 

The verdict: Not exactly what I expected. Don’t get me wrong, this product is great! The problem is my skin, which to my dismay, is lightly textured. Adding a gloss to my cheekbones only amplifies my skin texture, therefore aging me. Wah! This product is best left for those lucky folks with a smooth complexion.

Cons: Not for textured skin. Beware, it will amplify the slightest skin texture.

Would I buy it again? No. I might return this one.


I feel like everyone right now is talking about 1) The Milk Makeup Blur Stick or, 2) The Milk Makeup Holographic Stick (pictured left). I couldn’t NOT pick up this up especially since I’m so obsessed with highlights right now and this one is supposed to be holographic!! OHEMGEEEEEE.

Price: $34

What's in it: Mango butter, peach nectar, and avocado oil for hydration.

The verdict:  I read a few reviews on the Sephora site that this product isn’t the best for warm skin tones. I find it deposits a cool-lavender colour, but honestly, I love the contrast against my olive-y skin. Sadly though, it doesn't have that cool holographic effect like the name and packaging suggest.

Cons: It’s not exactly holographic as the name states, but more of a cool-based, lavender-toned highlight. When it comes to lavender highlights, I like the purple-ish one from Kat Von D’s Alchemist palette and Becca’s Amethyst highlight so much more. Milk’s Holographic Stick also doesn’t last long, which is disappointing considering all of the hype and the hefty price point. I don’t know if it’s because of the gel formula that it fades throughout the day, even when I use a setting spray in hopes of locking it into place. I haven’t tried it on top of full coverage makeup but I’ve seen a few YouTube videos (this one in particular from Jeffree Star) where it appears to actually take off foundation when applied over top of a full face of makeup. With that said, this product is best used on bare skin or, on top of light foundation. Regardless there are plenty of good reviews for this product out there. I suggest you try it if you're still intruiged and judge for yourself.

Would I buy it agin? No.


Photography by Nathalie Martin
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