What I'm wearing on REPEAT (are you really surprised?)


It probably comes as no surprise that the item I'm wearing on repeat are my Saint Laurent Candy platform boots. At first I was hesitant on buying them considering the 5" heel height and they're so different from what I normally buy, but I was so crazy in love with them straight away! Michael, Diana and my mum where all against them. Geoff said "what are you wearing?", when he first saw me with them. Not in a mean way, just in a confused, "you never wear anything like that", kinda way. But that's where that whole "buy what you love thing" comes to play because I seriously can't stop wearing this shoe! I wore them on my 24 hour trip to NYC and they are seriously so comfortable! You guys know that my style is pretty laid back and having a statement shoe like this just elevates my look. So there you go, seriously no regrets when you buy what you love. 



WHAT I'M WEARING: Tristan polka dot blouse. Rag & Bone jeans. Saint Laurent platform boots and cross body bag. Kate Cate fringe strap. Ray Ban aviators. 

Saint Laurent Candy platform boots and small crossbody bag_6905.JPG


When it comes to shopping my approach is always buy what you love. Seriously, how many times have you already heard me say this already? With the growth of social media, fashion enthusiasts are flying around like drones looking for that next trend - Chanel boy bags anyone? How about those embellished Gucci sneakers? And let's not forget about the Gucci belt that everyone and their mother seems to be wearing. If you ask me what starts to happen is that these special luxury items actually start to loose their appeal. #noshade I'm more inclined to go for pieces that I consider special because they reflect my personality. I also prefer to wear something that doesn't have overexposure on social media because I know that I'll eventually tire of looking at the same thing over and over again. For example, the Gucci loafers that were all over Instagram last year was SS16's most featured shoe. I for one am guilty of having not one, but two fucking pairs, but you know what, I went for the colours that spoke to me - vibrant gold and metallic hot pink. I know that even when this whole Gucci loafer trend dies down that I'm still going to be rocking my loafers because I love them.


Side note: my hair is all sorts of brassy in this post. Get me some purple shampoo & toner asap!




Saint Laurent Candy Platform boots and small cross body wallet bag

Photography by Michael Biro.
Shot by the Hotel Gault in Old Montreal.
In collaboration with Tristan

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