Chill the F*** OUT! 20 things to make YOU happy!

Two pivotal points in my life were the passing of grandmother, who was the only grandparent I ever knew, and the recent passing of my best friend’s father. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and this February, we were burying him. Both deaths happened quickly and both hit me really hard. Loosing them made me reassess my priorities and made me realize the importance of spending time with my loved ones while they’re still around. Taking time to savor the little things matters so much more to me now, and I'm really uninterested in whipping my phone out and documenting every moment on social media. I know, weird coming from a blogger, right? (Insert eye roll here people.)

As an entrepreneur, I'm basically a one woman show and my days are spent editing, writing, keeping up with emails, etc. Some days are too much and all I want to do is nap and hope that when I wake up, it’ll all be better. It’s easy to loose sight of what makes us happy and in some cases, even feel guilty about taking some me time. When I first started logging off social media for a day or two here and there, I felt very guilty, like I was doing something horribly wrong and like I was committing a crime. Really the problem lies in the expectation that I’ve set for myself to work 7 days a week and not be present in my life. Dinner with family, lunches with friends I haven’t seen in ages, and mini getaways with Geoff- there have been too many moments where I wasn’t fully present because I was too distracted and trying to capture a perfect moment for social media. Gross, I know.

Since I’m reevaluating how I live my life (I’m not sure what else to call it really), I thought I’d share some of the little things that I’ve been enjoying recently. Small things like lighting a scented candle and curling up with a good book have been helping me create more balance and harmony in my life. I hope this this list will inspire you to take the time to do something that makes you happy and be more present. If you create even one happy moment a day, I think you’ll start to feel clearer and happier, which is exactly the point.


Chill the EFF OUT! 20 things to make YOU happy.

1. Spoil yourself with a new lipstick.  
2. Take a luxurious bath.
3. Light your favourite scented candle.
4. Read a book.
5. Watch a sunset. 
6. Log off social media. 
7. Call a loved one. Better yet, spend time with them.
8. Be present.
9. Make a your favourite meal.
10. Curl up in bed.
11. Smile - it’s known to lift your mood!
12. Visit a greenhouse and bring a new plant home.
13. Cuddle with your cat, dog or favourite person.
14. Go for a walk.
15. Meditate.
16. Plan a vacation. 
17. Do an act of kindness.
18. Watch your favourite movie or your favourite show.
19. Sleep in.
20. Be good to yourself.

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Photography by Nathalie Martin. 
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