Is the bareMinerals Statement Lip Collection really long lasting?

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Happy Friday! I took a little time away from the blog this week to get my hard drive in order. Not exactly by choice but my computer was completely out of space and it was so bad that I wasn't able to download a single photo! Normally I keep two months worth of photos on my desktop, basically anything that's related to the blog or Instagram. Previous months are archived in two external hard drives just in case one fails. I feel like I have a good system going except I didn't quite realize how many thousands of pictures I have stored in iPhoto. Whoops. I've had to do a massive purge to make room and I'm still not done! Lesson learned, keep iPhoto clear!

Anyway, I have some really amazing beauty and skincare launches to share with you guys so I want to dive in and talk about these three new bareMinerals lip products - the Luxe-Shine Lipsticks, Matte Lipcolors and Over Under Lip Liners. bareMinerals was nice enough to send me the entire collection so as always I've included swatches and reviews on these new items. 

I'm also introducing a new rating system in this post so you know just how much I love the products that I'm talking about. That way it's easy for you to decipher at a glance whether or not you should be jumping on the bandwagon of the latest beauty trend but I do encourage you to read the review itself for a more comprehensive overview.


bareMinerals Statement Matte Lipcolors

bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor review and swatches.jpg

I love the colour range on these Statement Matte Lipcolours. From Luxe (a pale pinky-brown nude) to Devious (a deep berry shade), there's something for every skintone. As always, I gravitate towards warm the red shades and my favourite of the collection has been Flash, a bright orange-red, that's truly unique and perfect for summer. It looks great with my light-medium olive skin and makes my brown eyes pop!

At $23 a tube, they're more affordable than most high-end lip products but they're also twice as expensive than their drugstore counterparts. The formula reminds me very much of the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Glosses - lightweight in formula, easy to apply, comfortable to wear but with a demi-matte finish that isn't a true matte.

I recommend lining the entire mouth with a lipliner first because this Statement Matte Lipcolour wears quickly if it doesn't have anything to cling to. The formula doesn't stain the lips either which is good and bad depending on what you want in a lipstick. I prefer staining so that when I eat or drink, the areas where my lipstick has worn off aren't obvious but that's because I normally wear red or bright colours.

When comparing these to the Smashbox Always On and Kat Von D Everlasting matte liquid lipsticks, I would say those take the cake in terms of being long-wearing, true matte lipsticks. Sorry bareMinerals!

I realize the swatches vary in colour slightly throughout this post. Please go with this image for true-to-life   colours  . It was very challenging for me to get all of the   colours     uniform   in each picture so I do apologize.

I realize the swatches vary in colour slightly throughout this post. Please go with this image for true-to-life colours. It was very challenging for me to get all of the colours uniform in each picture so I do apologize.

Statement Matte Lipcolor (top row)
StatementLuxe-Shine Lipstick (bottom row)

As you can see from the comparison picture above, the shades in the Matte Lipcolors collection are very similar to those in the Luxe-Shine lipstick range.

The only real differences are the palest shades. The Tease lipstick is a peach/ coral shade with warm undertones versus the Luxe matte lipcolor, which is more of a cool mauve.

The Biba lipstick looks like a lighter version of the matte lippie Shameless. And finally, the Rebound lipstick looks similar to the Fresh matte.

Otherwise, the colours are practically a replica of each other and they vary in shade due to the different formulas. I personally would have liked to see more variety in terms of colours between the Matte and Luxe-Shine collections.


bareMinerals Statement Luxe-Shine Lipstick

bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor review and swatches-3.jpg

I realize the swatches of the lipsticks are a little lighter than the image comparing the two formulas. Please go with comparison pic for true-to-life colours. It was very challenging for me to get all of the colours uniform in each picture so I do apologize.

Jumping right in, I have to say that I prefer the formula on the Statement Luxe-Shine lipsticks much more to the Matte collection. They have longer staying power and there was a slight stain on my lips after drinking my morning coffee. Exactly what I want in a highly pigmented lipstick so I don't look like a goof once I finish eating or drinking if I'm sporting a red lip.

The Luxe-Shine lipstick is hydrating, feels comfortable on my lips and the colour payoff is awesome. My lips also looked a bit plumper when I wore the lipstick versus the Matte Lipcolor but I wonder if that has to do with the way I over lined my mouth. Or maybe it has to do with the shiny finish which can also give the appearance of a plumper lip. I checked the press statement that came with the collection there's no claim of plumping so this is an added bonus if you ask me. 

As always, I would recommend pairing lipstick with a lip liner underneath for extra staying power especially since it's a shiny formula, which can fade quicker than a matte.

It probably comes as no surprise that my favourite shade here is Flash, an orange-red that's strikingly similar to Fire, it's matte shade counterpart. 

The lipsticks overall are really nice. At $25, a tube, it can be seen as either steep or cheap depending on how luxe you like to go with your makeup. 


bareMinerals Statement Under Over Lip Liners

Where have you been all my life-! copy 3.jpg
bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor review and swatches_003.jpg

I love lip liners and I'm a true believer in them. If you want your lipstick to last, you need a lipliner! I'm still surprised when women ask me, "how can I get my lipstick to stay". Lip Liner!

Start by lining the outline of your lips and then fill them in. I like to overdraw slightly because I think my lips are too thin otherwise but you certainly don't have to.

When it comes to formula, I prefer drugstore liners over designer ones because I don't see the value in a $35 lip pencil versus a $6 one. I've tried Chanel, MAC, Givenchy, Annabelle and NYX and I always prefer the cheaper ones.

That being said, Bite Beauty and Kat Von D are making some excellent lip pencils in the mid-range price point with excellent formulas. Now, bareMinerals is giving us their own version at $21. 

Like the rest of the Statement Collection, these wooden lip pencils are similar in shade and work well together. They're super creamy, highly pigmented, tug-free and go on like a dream. They make my lipstick last, exactly as they should and it keeps my lipstick from fading.

In terms of formula, it's excellent but where it falls short is that it's not budge proof but then again, very few lip liners are. Also, I believe the price point should be lower than it is. A tube of Statement Matte Lipcolor is $23 and a Statement Lipstick is $25. If you ask me, $21 for a liner is a bit of a stretch when the volume is a fraction of the other full sized items in the collection. Then again, Kat Von D and Bite Beauty are similarly priced so... take that for what you will. 


Collection Overview

Overall, the collection is really nice in terms of the range of colours and the comfortable-to-wear formulas. Compared to a lot of products at Sephora, I believe they're well priced. If you're already a bareMinerals fan, you're going to love the Statement lip collection so I'd say check it out!

What I really would have wanted to see from these lip products are long-wearing formulas with some staining since so many of the colours here are vibrant and so beautiful. It's a pet peeve of mine to constantly be checking and reapplying my lipstick and that's how I kind of felt wearing these. The lip pencil helped a lot in making the formulas longer-wearing otherwise both the lipstick and matte lipcolour faded fast when worn alone. 

bareMinerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor review and swatches

DISCLAIMER: bareMinerals Statement Lip Collection was provided by the brand. 
All opinions are my own and completely honest.

Photography by Nathalie and Geoff Martin.