Manolo Blahnik Woven Slingbacks

Manolo Blahnik Woven Slingbacks

In elementary school, I had a teacher named Ms. Kelly. She was brunette with stick straight brown hair and bangs that framed her eyes. In my memory, she looked like Brenda Walsh from 90210, but I was six-years-old at the time and my memory is probably a little off. What I distinctly remember is that she wore black, pointed toe slingback flats to school pretty much everyday. I know this because I used to stare at her shoes a lot. I was opinionated about fashion even then, and for some ridiculous reason, I couldn't stand her shoes. Don't get me wrong, she was a great teacher and a kind person but for some reason, I hated those slingbacks. I was six and my favourite shoes were a pair of jelly glitter huarache sandals so who the hell was I? 

Fast forward to today. My go-to shoe this summer are my new white Manolo Blahnik slingbacks. They go with everything from all-black to denim-on-denim. The kitten heels makes them comfortable to wear when I have meetings in the city all-day and hi, they're so chic and timeless!

Finally, I totally get why Ms. Kelly wore those flats every day. 

My go-to shoe this summer are these woven Manolo slingbacks. They go with everything from jeans to skirts and loose trousers. The kitten heels makes them comfortable and the pointed toe is feminine and elongates the leg. 

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