My Topshop off the shoulder dress

Let me tell you a little story about this adorable off the shoulder dress I'm wearing here. I got it recently at Topshop and fell in love with it right away because it's such a timeless style and it's not super short. In my twenties, I preferred super-short dresses but these days I want a little more length for modesty purposes.

Anyway, I thought it looked cute until Geoff and I went out and shot this series here. Then I can home to edit and nearly fell off my chair!

No thanks to my strapless bra, my boobs liked 10 times their normal size because the damn thing kept slipping down my torso and made it look like I had weird saggy bubble boobs. (Come on ladies, who's been there?) Also, it looked like I had eaten 5 burritos. I probably should have worn some nude Spanx to hold in my burrito belly but mainly because my blue underwear was visible in some of the shots.

To say the least, it was a disaster. I was a disaster! I deleted the unflattering pics and decided to move forward with the most flattering angles and share this post anyway. 

Look guys, sometimes blog posts are a lie but you know I always try to keep it real with you. Fashion comes and goes but at the end of the day, it's so important to feel good and comfortable in your clothes. Pulling at your dress or picking a wedgie through ill fitting pants isn't cute. But you know what is? Feeling good. That's why I wore this dress this one time and returned it the next day. Thank goodness for return policies. (And cameras because my mirror lied to me.)



TOPSHOP Bardot dress.
ZARA suede market bag.
VANS white high tops, Nintendo edition SK8-HI.
JENNY BIRD medallion necklace from a few years ago.
LISBETH delicate round necklace.
FERRAGAMO sunglasses. 
HERMES and DAVID YURMAN bracelets. 

Red Topshop off the shoulder dress_2281_1.jpg