Battle of The Brows: Benefit VS. Shu Uemura



Show me a woman who's not concerned about her brows and I'll call liar. JK. (kinda...) 

I spent the weekend elbow deep in beauty products, planning out my sister-in-laws makeup for her upcoming November wedding. She asked that I be her makeup artists for the big day and I couldn't say no. Any chance to play with makeup and try something new always makes me really happy so I was all in! Her beauty routine is very simple, mascara and SPF and that's it! The best approach for someone like her is to keep everything natural. A light foundation, peachy toned blush, a swipe of mascara, flesh toned lipstick and some brow powder to fill them in. 

Being the minimal girl she is, my sister-in-law surprised me when she said she hates her brows and really needs help in that area. Turns out she has freaking awesome brows because she hardly tweezes so they're nice and full. With a little help of Benefit's Foolproof Brow Powder she has lust worthy brows in no time. This product is a bit too light and natural for my thin sparse brows but it was awesome for someone like her!

As for her overall makeup, it was radiant and glowy and she looked beautiful! I can't wait to see her in her dress on her big day!