The shoes I'm currently obsessed with will surprise you!

black vans platform sneakers,

A few years ago Diana and I went sneaker shopping. Little did I know it but she was looking to replace her worn out pair Vans slip ons with a shiny new pair of the exact same shoe! As someone who has four IKEA Billy bookcases full of shoes, this was totally foreign to me.

I watched her replace the rundown sneakers for years until I finally got my feet into a pair of Vans.

Suddenly I got her. 

black vans platform sneakers - at home office closet home decor - 07765.jpg

I didn't have to break these in like my Converse All-Stars (which are super cute but let's face it, hurt like hell). I can wear Vans for long periods of time and be fine, which is exactly why they have become a staple in my closet and why they're the only shoe I wear to the airport. Seriously.

Just the other day I picked up my first pair of classic black Vans. These have a platform though so I get an extra inch of height and they're still super comfy. 

There are currently nine pairs of Vans on my IKEA shelves (including the limited edition Nintendo SK8-HI, which you can see how I styled here).

Finally, I get Diana. 

A striped top, Zara jeans and Vans sneakers.

I just picked up this cute IRO leather bomber jacket the other day. It's oversized so I'm still thinking about it.

What's on my desk: an Umbra tray full of Chanel makeup. 

My current favourite perfume - Coco Mademoiselle eau de perfum Intense