Day 4 // #365OUTFITS - 365 outfits - day 4 spring 2018 - nathalie martin.gif

Frank & Eileen Tee Lab hoodie

Zara cropped skinny jeans
Vans sneakers
Cashmere beanie
Céline sunglasses
Topshop jacket
Felony Case, real marble iPhone case
Rag & Bone canvas tote


I find it interesting how there's this correlation between fashion and age that we're not entirely aware of when we're younger, but as we get older, we realize there's a stigma that indeed exists. Allow me to elaborate.

People are often surprised to hear my age (I'm 37 for those who don't know). I always get the same reaction, "You're in shape, your skin is amazing, and you don't dress like a 37-year-old!"


What is a 37-year-old supposed to dress like? 

When was this rule created and how did I miss it? 

Most importantly, why do we have to shed our skinny jeans and sneakers and swap it out for a business suit? Does 37 automatically make me uncool?! - 365 outfits - day 4 spring 2018 - nathalie martin 7.jpg

I'm serious guys. This really bothers me. 

I find myself wondering if I dress "too young" at times but I don't think that's it. I believe that as a society we expect people to dress, act, and talk a certain way as they age. It's an antiquated way of thinking and we really should just celebrate individuality, right?

So ya, do you. Because life's too short not to have fun and look damn good. - 365 outfits - day 4 spring 2018 - nathalie martin 8.jpg