Day 1 // #365OUTFITS - 365 outfits - day one spring 2018 - nathalie martin.gif - 365 outfits - day one spring 2018 - nathalie martin 06.jpg

When I started blogging, I was uploading a lot of outfits. I started by documenting my real outfits, whatever I was wearing at the time, and then as the blog grew, I found myself putting together outfits just for the sake of uploading them on the blog.

At some point last year, after the passing of someone in my life, I got really tired of staging outfits. I was having a deep physical aversion to just the idea of going out and photographing a bunch of outfits on a single day. I felt like I was wasting precious time that would have been better spent enjoying life instead of photographing what felt like nonsense. It became clear that my mission for this blog had started to become superficial in nature and I needed to change something, I just didn't know how. - 365 outfits - day one spring 2018 - nathalie martin 05.jpg - 365 outfits - day one spring 2018 - nathalie martin 04.JPG

365 Outfits

I got the idea to start this new series on the blog while I was out grocery shopping with Diana. The concept is simple really; to document my real-life outfits, every day, for a whole year. No faking, No staging, all real authentic me.

365 days of daily outfits isn't a new concept, but it's new to me, which makes it hella exciting. In the upcoming year, I'll be showing you guys the good and the ugly. You'll get a glimpse into my daily life and you'll probably get to see me in loungewear, cuz there are days when I just don't want to get dressed. - 365 outfits - day one spring 2018 - nathalie martin 01.gif

Now that you guys know what's up, I'll start the series by uploading Outfit #1:

Oversized Zara jeans (similar)
A shrunken (whoops!) Comme Des Garçon Play striped top
Isabel Marant studded loafers (though I wore checkered Vans earlier in the day) 
Givenchy Bambi clutch (tote from the same collection)
Aritizia Neelam buffalo plaid jacket

My outfit is casual, comfortable and they're pieces I've had forever, with exception of the loafers, which I picked up a few months ago. 

Hope you guys enjoy the series!