The Incredibly Versatile CHANEL Beauty Cruise Collection 2018

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Summer is all about that radiant glowing skin but how many of us are actually willing to change up our makeup each season? You know who you are - busy, with a mile long to-do list with no end in sight. Trying a new look feels daunting, impossible even, but CHANEL’S 2018 Cruise Collection makes it oh-so-easy for us all.

Inspired by the reflections of water, the limited edition 14-piece collection, takes your everyday makeup to another level. The best part is that you don’t even have to try some crazy new technique to get your glow on.

The collection is all about sheer washes of shimmery colour on the face, chic pastels on the nails, and a sun-kissed complexion that’s easy to obtain with L’EAU TAN, a new summer essential in self-tanning that comes in the form of a refreshing body mist that contains a small percentage of DHA and leaves a light invigorating scent.

From office wear to weekend makeup at the cottage, the 2018 Cruise Collection is incredibly versatile and one you’ll want to add to your makeup bag this season. 

The collection is in stores now at and CHANEL beauty counters. 

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CHANEL 2018 Cruise Collection

STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF #887 CHARME, satin brown-aubergine shade, perfect for a more natural look.

LES 4 OMBRES, ÉCLAT ÉNIGMATIQUE, this palette contains four modern takes on Summer colour: a satin ivory; a concrete grey; a brick red and a bronze brown.

“The colours in Éclat Énigmatique eyeshadow palette are made of a more transparent texture so even if you have a red, bronze, grey and pearlescent gold colours, when you apply them they have a very transparent texture so you have this hint of glamour.” 
-Lucia Picca

The travel-friendly compact features a trio of sheer, dewy textures, perfect for applying with fingers. PALETTE ESSENTIELLE ÉTÉ #190, ÉCLAT SOLAIRE, a beige-caramel highlighter, a gold highlighter and a blush in raspberry red.

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"Nails take a sophisticated hue this summer. Subtle but never predictable, the trio of new shades represent opportunity  to explore something new." LE VERNIS LONGUE TENUE, #608 LÉGÉRETÉ (green khaki), #610 HALO (milky pink), #612 CHICNESS (mauvy deep burgundy).  

CHANEL gives us the sheerest, carefree colour this summer that feels beautifully hydrating, almost like a balm. LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR, #17 A LA ROSÉE (milky pink), #19 AU NATUREL (ultimate rosy caramel nude).

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Summer Scents

I change my scent daily according to mood and have found that all of my CHANEL favourites transition well into summer. If you're looking for a light mist of scent - try out the new N°5 L'EAU All-Over Spray, which can be used on the body and hair. 

For a summer glow - try the new L’EAU TAN which is subtly self-tans the skin and leaves a delicate scent.

"It gives you a very light tan, it's almost like what you'd get at the beginning of the summer. The colour you get on your skin is quite golden but very transparent, and it's got a beautiful cologne perfume in it so it feels fresh."
-Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer
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