It's that time again, time for another CHANEL beauty video! This time I took your feedback into consideration and I was sure to create not one, but two tutorials using the FW18 Apotheosis Le Mat De CHANEL collection. I hope you guys enjoy it!

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
- Gabrielle Chanel

This collection is all about beautiful velvety matte textures, from the lips to the nails, eyes, and cheeks, everything is matte, even down to the packaging.

CHANEL Beauty FW 18, Apotheosis Le Mat De Chanel.JPG

The shades are beautiful and range from blushy pinks to bold pinks, reds, beetroot purples, and blues! I never in a million years would think a collection consisting of pink and red would be able to accommodate a little blue story with such modernity, but somehow it all fit beautifully together. The looks from this collection are chic and feminine, basically everything you can expect from CHANEL, and they compliment my olive complexion nicely.

I'm going to leave this post short and sweet because I want you to go watch my YouTube video. Go ahead and press that play button!