ANNOUNCEMENT: New Series + HOW TO Style Statement Shoes

DIY IKEA shoe closet -

When I think about the hours wasted binge-watching YouTube, I'm embarrassed. It's actually so shameful. Just one more video I always tell myself! *Clicks into the next one and feels disdain.*

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This is a fact and I for one can admit that mine sure as hell is. (Anyone still reading?)

I should start a series! I should do a HOW TO series to cover everything from fashion styling to beauty and lifestyle stuff. I've always wanted to do something like this but I always thought it would live on the blog. It took me this long to realize my HOW TO series should live on YouTube!  

When I presented it to my team, everyone was excited and on board. Even the hypercritical ones like my husband and Diana were all YES, do it!


In the first episode I'll be talking about how to style statement shoes. From the likes of pink sparkly boots to fabulous glam rock-inspired Saint Laurent platform sandals, and leopard print booties, there's a whole gamut of footwear styling ideas for you guys.

I really hope you guys enjoy the first episode! Thanks for watching and always supporting WoahStyle!


Nathalie shoe closet.jpg