Sleep is really important to me and so is getting ready for bed. I'm religious about my night time "get ready" routine and I always find the time to take off my makeup and moisturize after a long day. This past week I've been so exhausted that I've been crawling into bed after brushing my teeth without washing my face. *Gasp! Gross! I know. Judge away but I have been comatose-tired and washing up was the last thing on my mind. 

We hear it constantly - washing your face before bed, moisturizing and using an SPF is the best thing we could do for anti aging. I'm 35 years old guys and I get told over and over again that I don't look my age (hallelujah!). I can easily sum it up to years of taking care of my skin and protecting it from the sun. 

So let's say you have some catching up to do and you want to start taking care of your skin now in your 30's or 40's or 60's. It's never too late in my opinion. Invest in some quality moisturizers and serums, like Nivea's Q10 Plus line, because hydrated, glowing skin looks beautiful at every age. Moisturize every part of your body, I'm not even kidding. Décolletage, boobs, hands, lips, your feet, all of it. I keep Nivea's Anti-Aging hand cream in my car because I'm constantly reapplying it. I slather Nivea Creme on my feet before going to bed so I can wake up with cute crusty-free feet and then of course, I moisturize my face religiously, day and night. In fact, I've drilled into Geoff's head that he needs to start taking care of his skin too and you know what, it's working!

Today's lesson, moisturize, wash your face and use an SPF. Your beautiful radiant skin will thank you! 

xo, Nathalie

In collaboration with Nivea. All opinions and photographs are my own.