Aritzia Sonore Dress | Casual vs. Elegant

Same dress. Same location. Different accessories. Different vibe. | White Dress Street Style, Aritzia, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang | H&M hat, Giorgio Armani sunglasses, Aritzia Dress | Aritzia Sonore white dress | Louis Vuitton petit monogram bucket bag, Alexander Wang Annette Sandals, Aritzia white dress

Aritzia Sonore dress | Alexander Wang Annette sandals | Louis Vuitton vintage petit monogram bucket bag | Giorgio Armani sunglasses | H&M straw hat | white dress street style, Alexander Wang | Aritzia & Alexander Wang Trifold bag | Aritzia, Alexander Wang trifold bag & royal blue Antonia sandals | Aritzia & Alexander Wang, white dress, street style

Aritzia Sonore dress & Dominick blazer | Alexander Wang royal blue Antonia sandals & Trifold bag | Giorgio Armani sunglasses | Nixon black and gold Kensington watch
Photography by Melanie Rees

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