Be Yourself. Be Happy. Be Kind.

nathalie martin - neon acne studios hoodie, leather trousers, white sandals, saint laurent bag, street style ss19.jpg

With social media basically dictating what filters to use on our photos, what to wear, where to vacation, and what to order for brunch - I say throw the whole thing out the window and focus more on being happiest, truest self.

Wear what makes you comfortable and happy. Shop your closet more often and don’t worry so much about getting the latest IT bag because in a month’s time that bag will be old news.

Be Yourself. Be Happy. Be Kind.

Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.



SWEATER - Acne Studios green Joghy hoodie
PANTS - Lovers & Friends leather trousers
SANDALS - Cartel Footwear, Ella sandals, $130
BAG - Saint Laurent Lou Lou Small Bowling Bag (sold out)
GLASSES - CELINE Aviator sunglasses (Style code CL40046U)


Photos by Geoff Martin