Body bronzers are an easy, simple way to "tan up" quickly. There are 2 kinds that I'll be talking about here, the spray and lotion. Regardless of formula, you'll get similar outcomes from both although there is one product here that has become my new Holy Grail this summer. Keep reading to find out.


Not nearly as intimating or messy as it sounds, I surprisingly found spray on bronzers were easier to apply that I'd initially thought. The trick to making it natural looking and streak free is all in the application. The sales associate at Sephora recommended I use a mitt to buff it in, but reached for a big fluffy body brush instead. I found the brush had more coverage vs. the mitt and I liked how it applied overall but it took a bit more time. 

I used Sephora's Perfection Mist Airbrush Bronzer for face and body. For $21, it's the cheapest product I'm featuring here with no odor and an excellent bronze colour that's neither too orange or too brown with a light shimmer. It's good for those looking to amp up their existing tan since the coverage is more on the sheer side so I wouldn't recommend this if you're pale AF. It's also pretty transfer resistant as long as you don't sit in a hot car with leather seats during 30 degree weather. (It happened to me.)


Easier to apply than spray, lotion bronzers are my personal fave. They're easy to mix with SPF, foundation or tinted moisturizer or they're perfect used on their own. They can applied with a mitt, but I prefer using my hands as I would lotion since it's super easy and practically fail proof.

First up with Benefit's Hoola Zero Tanlines. Let me start by saying I LOVE Benefit. I really do. The original Hoola is my favourite all time bronzer and contour powder. With that being said, I do not love this new product. While it's buildable in colour (yay!) and easy to apply (double yay), I find that the colour is a bit more on the orange side which gets more pronounced as it's layered. For reference, I have medium skin with olive undertones but my legs are a bit paler than the rest of me. (What you see on IG is all fake tanning and meticulous use of bronzer.) Like the Sephora mist, this one is probably best to accentuate already tanned skin, but then again I haven't seen how to colour looks on fair skin tones. Anyone? 

Next up: Benefit's Dew The Hoola face bronzer, another new one from Benefit. Sure it's not a body bronzer but it feels right to talk about it here. Unlike Zero Tanlines, I really love this product! It looks natural and dewy on it's own or mixed with your existing makeup. I like to apply it with my fingers in place of foundation for a sheer bronzed glow. Then I just apply my concealer overtop in the areas I need and finally set it with powder. Instant Tan!

The last product is my new holy grail - Vita Liberata's Body Blur. This one is pricey at $50 + tax (!!!) and I probably wouldn't have bought it had it not been sent to me BUT, after trying it, I would definitely repurchase. Straight up, this product is more like makeup for your body but I freakin' love it!!!! I have small scars on my legs I could do without and Body Blur makes them all magically disappear. It's probably due to the micro light reflecting shimmer which helps skin appear flawless. I find the colour to be spot on and screams "I just got back from Ibiza".

Diana, (my BFF/ contributing beauty writer for WoahStyle) was reluctant to try this product but she did and also fell in love.

Michael (my blogger bestie) always comments when I wear it "you look so tanned!" and then I disclose it's fake and he screams "Oh really?!" in disbelief. 

Even my bare legged pictures on Instagram look better and more tanned when I wear this bronzer. I just loooooooove it!

So downsides? The formula is similar to makeup, which I personally like, but other people might not. It also transfers. Not a lot, but enough so beware when wearing white or light colours. To my dismay, a bit transfered on my Stella McCartney denim tote and on my leather car seat when I was driving on a particularly hot day. With that being said, I still love this product and I reach for it every time I go barelegged. #addicted