SAFETY UPDATE: 12/30/16, 8:40 pm

While watching YouTube this evening I came across a video from KarinaKaboom stating that the ColourPop x Hello Kitty collection isn't safe for eyes based on FDA standards. I'm linking the video for you guys here so you can watch it and base your own opinion. I wanted to bring this to your attention in case you've had eye irritations using ColourPop products. I've personally used the eye shadows that are said to cause irritations and I didn't have any problems. Everyone reacts differently so what doesn't react on my skin might react on yours. I'd suggest using the Sephora Collection eye crayon in Call Girl as an alternative.

Skip ahead to 3:05 in the video to see ColourPop's admission to using pigments that are not safe for eyes in KarinaKaboom's video.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to the much hyped Kylie Lip Kits, look no further than Colour Pop. If you haven't already heard, the LA based factory is the same one that produces Kylie Cosmetics and collabs with a lot of beauty gurus like KathleenLights, Ellarie, Jenn ImKarrueche Tran and most recently, Hello Kitty!!!

I'm a big fan of the brand so I though it would be fun to show you guys my most recent haul and some updated swatches (view my January 2016 post here). 


Let's just talk about shipping for a sec. I'm not sure how US residents find shipping, but as a Canadian resident, I've had nothing but pain in the ass experiences. Most recently I placed my order on 11/27. My order shipped out on 12/2 and arrived in Toronto on 12/7. On 12/8 it was headed to Montreal and by 12/12 my order was in San Fransisco! Basically my order touched down in Toronto before attempting to go back to sunny LA. To say I was annoyed by the detour is an understatement considering I needed some of the makeup for my best friends wedding on 12/10 but a week later, the order finally arrived on 12/18.

If you're going to order from Colour Pop, give yourself plenty of time. I've ordered from them a few times now and shipping to Canada is via ground shipping so it generally takes 2-3 weeks. On the bright side, there are no custom fees or duties once the order lands because everything is so cheap.

As for my haul, I paid $59.20 USD (I had a coupon code) for 10 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and one lipstick. Not too shabby. BTW - Colour Pop is cruelty free with a shit load of products listed as vegan.


The first item I got was the Never Not Chillin Super Shock Eyeshadow kit with 6 shadows for $30.


My eyeshadow & blush collection. Any storage ideas? : S


I had a couple of more lippies but I lost them along the way. With the lippies especially I find the colours you see online are different from the colours you receive IRL. it's a bit annoying so I've learned to read the colour description carefully.

SHOPPING TIP: I find the Ultra Satin Lips stay true to colour even after they dry but the Ultra Matte Lips dry 2 shades darker than what you see in the tube. Keep that in mind when you buy them! For example Bumble is a pretty medium pinky-brown based shade in the tube but as you can see from the swatch, it dries to a dark pinky-mauve colour.


Colour Pop Lippie Stix are $5 each. My favourites are the mattes for their staying power.

Most shades have coordinating lip pencils if you're a mess like me and can't do your lipstick without outlining your lips first. (LAWL)


I'm a big Hello Kitty fan!! The shades from this collection are more on the cool side and I'm partial to warm shades since I have olive skin but I couldn't resist these. The eyeshadow quad called Mama's Apple Pie retails for $18 and includes: deep blue, pearlescent white, bubblegum pink and peachy glittery shadows.

Let's Play, $5, is a red matte lippie with glitter that's super flattering for olive skin. 

Coin Purse, $8, is a bright pink blush that's perfect on the apples of the cheeks. Use a light hand though because it's super concentrated!


This post is not in collab with Colour Pop. I have purchased all of these on my own.

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