Another season of Toronto Fashion Week has come and gone and I've survived with my makeup on point. With what felt like a million and one deadlines due all in the same week, I was up early each morning and putting on a full face - foundation, eyebrows, contour and all, before becoming a slave to my desk and then eventually heading out for the night. If you're wondering why I was having my makeup did so early, it's because I hate being rushed and being late. No bueno.

With Dior's primer and makeup in check, I felt confident that everything would hold up to the end of the night. Even on my busiest day, when I had a few events lined up, my face was still going strong. 

Call me excessive, high maintenance, whatever you want, but I'm the first to admit that I have a foundation for every occasion. Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup is pretty much close to perfect. It has a full coverage lightweight formula that blends easily and stays matte, without looking cakey. For the lack of better word, it's the perfect makeup for special events and yet it's suitable for everyday wear too, because hi, don't we want to look flawless everyday?

Post fashion week, I'm still using my Dior makeup on the daily because it's that good. ;) 

xo, Nathalie


This post was sponsored by Hudson's Bay. All opinions and photographs are my own.