Chanel killed it with their own version of the espadrille flat complete with waitlists and a quick sell out rate. Saint Laurent came out with an espadrille wedge last year that left me drooling everywhere but I never got them for fear of the 4" heel height. Instead I went for a pair of flat Isabel Marant sandals that resemble uber-cool Birkenstocks with metallic flames on the shoe but let's face it, they weren't espadrilles.

This year I finally got my hands on a pair by Raye, Revolve's own private shoe label, and guess what? They have a 4" heel yet they're super comfy! The shoes have buttery soft leather than make them ideal for hot summers. (TIP: When tying ankle straps like these, make sure to leave some room. I tied them too tight at first and they ended up cutting into the back of my ankle. Same thing happened with another pair of ankle straps. Whoops!)

I'm glad I finally got my hands on a pair of espadrilles. They look super cute with skirts and jeans. I just have to remember to tie the straps a bit looser. 

Will you be wearing a pair this season and if so, will you be opting for the ankle strap? 

xo, Nathalie 

This post is in collaboration with Raye. All opinions and photos are my own.