Essential Summer Shoe Guide

Even before the warm weather is among us I’m dreaming of open toe shoes all winter long. No kidding! Some of my favorite sandals where bought in the dead of winter and I had to wait months before I could wear them!

Here is my guide to every girl’s essential summer shoes. My points are illustrated using my own personal collection. What are your summer footwear must haves? | Must Have Summer Shoes | Essential Summer Shoe Guide

The Flat Ankle Strap
Versatile, comfortable and slimming on the leg as it highlights the ankle with a feminine touch. The brown sandal here is classic and can be dressed up or dressed down well. The deep lapis coloured sandal is more athletic inspired with the deep-ridged sole and croc embossed leather making it more limited to casual wear.
Top to bottom | Alexander Wang Jade sandal and AW Annette Sandal

The Banded Slide
I’ve loved slides for as long as I can remember. Here I have 2 types – the more feminine 2 banded slide and the Birkenstock (aka. “ugly sandal”) that sparked so much convo on Instagram. This one is comfortable (though my first couple of wears were anything but, they are now) and have been around forever and will probably come in and out of fashion more times than we’ll ever understand. Comfort is ruling the fashion world after all. I went for the black patent leather for a more “polished” look and the white for a stark contrast.
Top to bottom | Joe Fresh Two Banded Sandal | Birkenstock Florida 3 Banded Sandal

The Ankle Strap Heel
To all of the girls out there who are reading this: Please do yourselves a favour and only wear heels as high as you can walk in! My limit is 3.5” inches. Anything higher and I walk funny, my feet hurt and then I never end up wearing the shoe again. Bad investment. These black multi strapped sandals are 2.5” and are absolute genius. They add visual interest to a complete outfit and make even the most basic pieces fashion forward. Even this blue 3.5” heel does the same. Remember a well-made heel is timeless, elegant and can be dressed up or down. You’ll also feel like a rock star!
Top to bottom | Alexander Wang Adina Banded Sandal and AW Antonia Sandal

TIP | Keep those feet moisturized and your pedicures nice and clean if you’re going to be wearing sandals this summer! You can’t fool anyone with flaky feet!