If you follow my blog and Instagram closely you might have picked up on my weight gain confessionals. It's harder to admit to myself than it is to you guys that I've recently gone up a pant size. I have ripples where I don't want, I feel like I jiggle when I walk and above all else, concealing muffin top has become a daily struggle.

Most people in the fashion & beauty industry might freak and run for the hills but why? Sure I'm not as skinny as Chiara Ferragni and I don't have a cute bubble butt like Dani Song, but I'm okay with that because beauty comes in all shapes. Interestingly I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm not going to let a few pounds stand in my way.

Out of comfort (and perhaps weight gain necessity), I'll often throw on some athleisure wear on my days off. My favourite pieces are a loose fitting top and some comfortable stretch bottoms, like the cute Lolë shorts I'm wearing here. I'll blog from home and run errands in my comfy gear because it's more than just for practicing yoga and sometimes I don't want to deal with skinny jeans (are you shocked?). 

It's not to say you have to gain weight to wear some comfy pieces, but it just happens that's when my appreciation for it came to play. Now I mix and match pieces according to how I feel and of course, I'll often accessorize with a cute bag and some jewelry.

I'm currently working on getting fit and eating better but I'll know I'll still be wearing my Lolë pieces for a long time to come. 

For any yoga enthusiasts out there, make sure you check out the Lolë White Tour happening this Thursday. I'll be giving away two tickets to the tour so be sure to comment here, on IG or Twitter to enter. Good luck!

Photography by Tristan O'Brien
In sponsorship with Lolë. All opinions are my own.