I remember an article on Yvette's blog (aka, Ms. YoLee) a while back where she was talking about the thrill of "the hunt". The shopping hunt that is. It made me realize that I've subconsciously shopping like this for as long as I can remember. Sure, I have a small wish list of non-sale items I want to add to my closet but I feel like it's rare that I actually pay full price. For the most part, I'm a sale shopper and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

From spending too much time shopping (online & IRL) I learned that most designer items will go on sale if you wait. It's a bit of a gamble because sometimes things sell out and it's not always easy to pin point which piece will be the "it" item of the season before it's gone. For example, last year I really wanted Isabel Marant's Jaeryn sandals. They sold out while I was waiting for them to go on sale and I was really upset. The same thing almost happened this year and in fact they had sold out but I found a returned pair on late one night while I was browsing their site. Considering the limited availability of the sandal I didn't mind paying full price too much, but I still cringed when I saw my total at the checkout. 

Aside from buying that rare full priced item here and there, I much prefer shopping the sale section. It might be a little ghetto or taboo to admit out loud but like I tell my hubby, I like to think of it as smart shopping and investing well. For example, if I buy a designer bag for half off and use it for a season or two, I can later sell it on consignment and get my money back if I get tired of it. Plus I never know what sale goodies are going to come my way, hence thrill of "the hunt". I bought my pink Saint Laurent glitter boots on sale and I had been wanting them forever. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I found them for $300 brand new! Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Jil Sander and Valentino are other designers I've picked up on sale and came across them when I was least expecting it. 

So there you have it. A little shopping secret from me to you. Keep your eyes open and be patient because those Valentino Rockstuds you always wanted could be yours for half off! ;)

xo, Nathalie

Word to the wise: Shopping sales can be tempting so only buy what you love. There's nothing more annoying than buyers remorse especially on final sales.
Be sure to shop sales through a reputable place. I prefer high end department stores and the end of season sales on SSENSE.

Gold criss cross sandals, Gucci, 50% off, Holts
Skinny jeans, 3x1, 80% off, Marshalls
Falabella denim star bag, Stella McCartney, 45% off, Holts
Silk top (in blue here), Elizabeth & James, 50% off, SAKS
Sunnies, Salvatore Ferragamo, gifted (similar here)
Necklaces, Lisbeth Jewelry, gifted
Larsson & Jennings Norse watch, sponsored/gift