Okay, okay. So the shoes aren't Jimmy Choos but the handbag is. I borrowed it from Love That Bag because I've worked with them in the past and I wanted to do something different for this spring time post.

I was drawn to this tote for obvious reason - stars!!! If you guys don't know, I love anything with stars - sweaters, necklaces, boots, I freakin' love them! This bag is dripping in star shaped studs and finished in black patent leather. It's easy to wear and super convenient for summer. Think picnics, beach time or toting your laptop to the office. Alternatively, it could be a pretty cool gym bag. (The exact bag in this post is listed for sale here!)

As I already mentioned, I worked with Love That Bag last year and we've maintained a mutual relationship/ appreciation for one another. I'm in the midst of doing a bit of spring cleaning and I'll be putting some pieces up for consignment. Watch out for bags from Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim from my personal collection. Wether you're looking to buy or sell, go have a peek at Love That Bag for drool worthy, Instagram ready bags! ;)

xo, Nathalie

This post is in collaboration with Love That Bag. All opinions and photos are my own.