How I Keep My Hair Healthy From Styling Heat Damage

How I Keep My Hair Healthy From Styling Heat Damage - Nathalie Martin Frank & Oak plaid blazer, Sandro Paris cords,

We all know that daily heat damage not only causes split ends but prevents hair from being shiny and bouncy. But how much do you know about keeping it healthy?

Since I’m on a mission to grow my hair longgggg, I thought it would be fun to give you some tips on how I’ve been keeping it healthy. In a couple of years, I’ve been able to successfully grown my hair from a (not so flattering) shoulder grazing bob with a bad dye job to healthy hair that’s midway down my back. I must be doing something right, although I now find myself with a new set of challenges. It’s not just about growing my hair but also about keeping it healthy.



Just as I like options in my wardrobe, I also want options of different looks with my hair. Between blow drying, using a curling wand, flat iron, and occasionally colouring it, my hair goes through a lot. Just like everyone else, my top priority is keeping it healthy and shiny.

I recently had a chance to try Pantene’s new Intense Rescue Shots for the first time. It’s like the most intensive treatment/conditioner you can use to keep your strands healthy and repair any existing damage. Just apply it from root to tip, leave in for one minute to repair (and in my case prevent) extreme damage and then rinse.

 I truly love how easy it is to use and that it only takes a single minute to work its magic.

How I Keep My Hair Healthy From Styling Heat Damage using Pantene Rescue Shots - Nathalie Martin,

In terms of what it does for my hair – it melts tangles away in the shower and leaves my hair smooth but lightweight and bouncy, gives me a shine boost, and allows my hair to be more responsive to heat styling in addition to extending the life of my hair style. Normally when I straighten it, I wake up with wavy hair the next day because that my hair’s natural texture. Since I’ve started incorporating the Intense Rescue Shots into my weekly routine, I’ve noticed my hair actually maintains its style, which is pretty amazing for my hair type.

It’s so much easier for me to switch up hair styles now and go from straight to wavy from one day to the next without causing extensive damage. 



Both images here are showing 3rd day hair. Before using Pantene’s Intense Rescue Shots my ends would look dry and tangled, and the damage from the heat I used to create the look would start to show through.



After using the Rescue Shot and also with 3rd day hair. I had freshly curled my hair that morning and had worn it straight the day before. My ends are more hydrated here and my hair felt softer and not as tangled - and I had even forgotten to use styling crème because I was in a rush.


Unlike other treatments, Pantene’s Rescue Shots works its magic in just ONE minute. The deep conditioning treatment repairs damage in just one use and turns dry, brittle hair into the soft, shiny locks we all want. It rinses clean without residue or weighing down and gives salon-like hair. Use it as a weekly treatment by applying from roots to tip.

How I Keep My Hair Healthy From Styling Heat Damage - Nathalie Martin Frank & Oak plaid blazer, Sandro Paris cords,


  1. Using a weekly hair treatment like Pantene’s new Intense Rescue Shots. It repair’s damage in just ONE use!

  2. Sleeping with a silk pillow case. It reduces friction and breakage on the hair. Bonus, silk keeps skin from getting those nasty pillow creases.

  3. Allow hair to air dry. A lot of you won’t want to hear this because we’re so tied to our hair dryers, but this is the most effective thing you can do to reduce damage. Try washing your hair at night instead!

  4. Put hair into a super high loose ponytail using a scrunchie at night. Your hair style will be fresh the next morning. Trust me, I was skeptical when I first heard it but I tried it, got my BFF to try it, and now we both swear by the bedtime scrunchie trick.

How I Keep My Hair Healthy From Styling Heat Damage - Nathalie Martin Frank & Oak plaid blazer, Bonlook glasses,

Overall, the Pantene Rescue Shots are everything I’ve been missing in my hair care routine. I’ve noticed since using them my hair is more manageable and softer than before so I don’t have to feel guilty when I reach for the styling tools.

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All opinions are my own.
Photography by Geoff and Nathalie Martin.