What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think black lipstick? Goth? Ya, me too. 

In 1995 I was was rebelling against the world (or so I thought) and I made my biggest fashion statement yet by dying my hair black, shaving half my head into an undercut and wearing black lipstick, red eye liner and black nails. I was an angsty kid with a chip on my shoulder and I don’t even know why because in reality, life was good and I had the happiest childhood growing up. Let’s just sum it up to hormones. 

The funny thing is, it wasn't even cool to be goth when I was young, and I certainly didn’t do it in hopes of becoming Miss Popularity. I just wanted to stand out and be original because I was sick of suburban life. 

All of this has got me thinking about what it means to wear black, blue or whatever lipstick as a 30-something-year-old and still look respectable and polished. Can it be done? I’d like to think so but there’s certainly a time and a place. For example, you’re not going to show up at the office with black lips, but all signs point to yes for a night out with the girls. Here’s my checklist on how to wear black lipstick while still looking glam and age appropriate.

  1. BE FLAWLESS - Hydrate and prep your skin for flawless makeup. Conceal any imperfections and use bronzer and a pinky toned blush to warm up your skin. After all, you don’t want to look like The Walking Dead right?   
  2. GET YOUR HAIR DID - Just as your makeup should be flawless, your hair should be too. Smooth away any fly aways with styling creme or go get a blow out. 
  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE - Your lips will be the main focus so make sure the rest of your makeup is clean and simple. I opted for two coats of volume building mascara and skipped out on the eye liner. 
  4. APPLICATION IS KEY - Apply that lipstick perfectly for a polished look. Use a lipliner and keep inside the lines. Erase any mistakes using a small brush and concealer. 
  5. SMILE - Remember, you want to look polished, glamorous and sophisticated so don’t forget to smile!

So, is it socially acceptable to wear black lipstick in 2016? The answer is yes but expect looks along the way.