5 Easy Ways To Wear Neon Right Now


I used to think that neon was one of those trends that would never be revived - like mom jeans and aviator eyeglasses but never think never because 2019 is proving to be the year that anything goes.

While my obsession with neon started innocently enough with a single bright green beanie, I soon found myself gravitating to most things neon. The challenge from there, of course, was how to wear it while still looking like a put together adult woman and not like some reject out of an 80’s sitcom.

After doing some hardcore outfit inspo on good ol’ Pinterest, I’ve come up with 5 fail-proof ways to rock neon every day.


nathalie martin, helmut lang pink wool coat, fuzzy brown sweater, brown cords, brown prada mules, loewe stripped hammock bag, street style, how to wear neon, woahstyle.com.jpg

NEON AND NEUTRALS | In case you haven’t heard, neutrals will be huge this year. Think beige and brown but in a super chic elevated manner like you’ve never seen it before. Pairing it with a shot of neon pink, like this wool Helmut Lang coat, will make you feel like a powerhouse. Who said brown was boring anyway?

nathalie martin - navy zadig and voltaire suit, white saint laurent sneakers and loulou bowling bag, white acne studios sweater, neon green beanie, street style, how to wear neon, woahstyle.com.jpg

NEON WITH A MODERN SUIT | Nothing makes me happier than subtle juxtaposition, like this modern two-piece suit (that could be considered formal) paired with casual accessories like sneakers and a neon green-yellow beanie. It’s so damn simple but it works. Keep in mind that a good outfit doesn’t have to be complicated - it just has to be balanced and fit well.

nathalie martin-grey balenciaga logo sweater and black beanie-grey jogging pants-white saint laurent sneakers-pink nylon opening ceremony coat-stree style-woahstyle.com.jpg

NEON ON THE WEEKEND | One of my followers actually gave me the idea to wear a neon pink coat with an all grey outfit. It just so happens I don’t own a lot of grey clothing but I sure own a pair of cozy joggers and a badass grey Balenciaga sweater. This look is super casual but still chic - perfect for grabbing a coffee on the weekend.

nathalie martin-neon yellow hoodie-plaid coat-saint laurent loulou bowling bag-bronze balenciaga knife mules and black logo beanie-street style-woahstyle.com.jpg

ROCK NEON LIKE A FASHION BLOGGER | Nothing says fashion blogger like a daring outfit full of colour and texture. Truth is, a lot of people have a tendency to go overboard when attempting this and lose the purpose of their OOTD's and forget to connect all of the elements.

My advice - start with a focal point. In this case, the neon yellow hoodie immediately attracts the eye. The whole outfit revolves around it.

Next up, have an anchor point, like the cropped black pants I'm wearing here. It doesn't compete with the hoodie and helps neutralize it in a sense.

Next, make sure you have the connecting factor - like the plaid coat here which has a thin yellow line in the pattern, that connect it to the yellow hoodie.

Have complimentary pieces - like the black logo beanie and black leather handbag, which happens to pick up the black from the pants.

Finally, a subtle, yet complimentary, statement piece can bring the entire outfit to life. Here it's the bronze Balenciaga Knife mules which speaks to the aesthetic I was going for.

Some last words, when in doubt, always refer back to your inspiration, and remember to have connecting colours and elements in your outfit.

Nathalie Martin- Balenciaga cropped logo sweater, Aritzia black Jallade pant, Saint Laurent white canvas court sneakers, Aritzia navy pinstripe Stedman coat, neon green beanie, Bonlook Way sunglasses, street style, woahstyle.com.jpg

NEON ACCENT | If you’re hesitant to commit to neon but want to play around with the trend, why not try it by adding just one accessory to your wardrobe. This beanie has been a hit on my Instagram and I've loved receiving DM’s from you guys saying that you've also bought your neon beanie. It’s such a fun and easy way of having fun with colour, and best of all, it’s super affordable.

Photography by Geoff Martin.
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