Larsson & Jennings Redux

You guys know me by now. I'm the kind of person who loves accessories. I don't shy away from gold shoes or pink sparkly boots and when I see glittery, shiny anything, I salivate just a little too much. I feel the same about the littles - my monogramed agenda, my glossy patent leather card holder and my Larsson & Jennings watch. They're personal items that make me feel good when I look at them but they're more than just pretty, they're a functional part of my day to day life. 

For this collaboration I teamed up with to introduce their new Norse collection. Something about the rectangular watch face seems more classic and timeless to me versus the usual round. Details aside, LJ makes some of my favourite watches. Just ask my BFF, she swiped my last one and under the guise of borrowing it but it's clear she has no plans on giving it back. This is a woman who hasn't worn a watch in years. Very telling to Larsson & Jennings design wouldn't you say?

I've worn a watch pretty much everyday of my life since I was young. My watch has always been an extension of my personal style and I just love how something as subtle as the leather of the strap or the dials can make a big impact in its design. 

THAT MONOGRAMMED LIFE. Larsson & Jennings surprised me by embossing my initials into the strap meaning my BFF won't be swiping this one anytime soon! Sorry Diana!

This post is sponsored by Larsson & Jennings. All photos and opinions are my own.