You ever come across those accounts on Instagram where everyone dresses the same? They eat the same foods, pose the same and they all dress alike. They're highly popular and they're beautiful accounts but they're also annoying. Why? Because they all look the same! Now let's translate that into real life. Fashion has a tendency to turn us into clones and it needs to stop.

You guys know I'm most comfortable wearing jeans and a t-shirt and an statement shoe. I do this because I love it, it's who I am. I appreciate comfort above everything but I still want to stand out in my own way. Makes sense right?

As a 15 year old - I had long dark hair in loose fizzy waves and wore lots of eyeliner. I lived in concert tees from my faves; Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Nine Inch Nails paired with my father's old paint splattered jeans almost daily. I'd pop in a tape (remember tapes?) and I'd curl up in bed and read Vogue and Bazaar, drooling over the runway looks from Marc Jacobs, Todd Oldham and Isaac Mizrahi who where HUGE at the time. (Actually MJ's debut collection for Perry Ellis cost him his job but look at him now!)

It was the 90s people and I was growing up in the era of grunge music and supermodels and it left a deep imprint of what my personal style would eventually become.  

Fast forward to now. I dress for me and I only buy what I love. I don't have time to fill my closet with nonsense and I don't have time to dress for other people. Women of all ages have always gravitated towards my style and it always surprises me because I'm not exactly conventional. And yet at the same time, is it possible these women are drawn to the authenticity of my style? Perhaps.  Regardless I'm thankful because even though it may sound a tad superficial, it's been a fun way of meeting new people. 

For all of you still looking to define your personal style just remember to dress for yourself - dress for your body type and not the trends and above all else, wear what makes you happy. Experiment with different looks and have fun. Life is too short to confine yourself to looking like everyone else don't you agree?


I bought this shrunken military jacket on Free People recently and the pins during the summer. I just transferred them over to this jacket for a little pizazz and personality. My double stone ring is from designer Lisbeth Jewelry who happens to make my favourite pieces season after season.


The jeans I'm wearing are from Forever 21. I simply cut the holes in the knees myself. 

Special thanks to Frank & Eileen Tee Labs for always keeping me comfortable and cozy in their cool basics. I'm wearing the Ultimate Layer tank in the colour Lucky. 



*In collaboration with Frank & Eileen.