Just when you thought the liquid lipstick trend was over, Smashbox comes out with the new Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick. For starters, the colours are beautiful and highly pigmented with 20 new shades which range from lavender, to cool grey and brown. For the more traditional girl, there's corals, reds, pinks, berries and nudes. Oh and there's that deep red called Bawse they did in collaboration with YouTube megastar, Lilly Singh.

I'll be honest, when these first landed on my desk I didn't have high hopes. I get a lot of lipstick samples and I'm very fickle about what I like but after trying them out, I can say these are fab!

These liquid lipsticks apply like a cream formula but it dries completely matte soon after. Once dry, it DOES NOT COME OFF.  (I recommend removing it with an oil based makeup remover or a potent micellar water like Garnier's waterproof micellar.) Long lasting lipsticks are always great in my books but how they feel on the lips is just as important. Since the Smashbox formula is matte, it does feel a bit dry, but it's far more comfortable to wear than other mattes I've tried. (Hello Kat Von D! Love your lippies but they're dry AF!)

I've been using these non-stop since I got them. The colours are great, the formula is awesome and the price point is decent for a high end lippie at $28 each. You can pick up the Smashbox Always On Matte lippies at Sephora and Shopper's Drug Mart nationwide.  

The following is a makeup trick I use to make my lipstick last even longer. I do this if I'm at a photo shoot or at an event. First I apply the Always On liquid lipstick to my lip as normal. Then I apply a regular cream formula lipstick over top in the matching colour. Doing this adds a bit of moisture to the matte liquid lipstick and makes it feel more comfortable on the lips. Somehow this mix calls for longer wear, as opposed to drying out too much and having the lipstick wear out on the inside-centre of the lip ( when you eat or drink or talk to much. I haven't met a liquid lip that doesn't do this). Try it and tell me what you think!

TIP: Make sure you use a cream lipstick and not lip balm since it will do the opposite and wear out lipstick faster. 

In collaboration with Smashbox Canada. All opinions and photos are my own.