I'm sure you guys have seen this trend everywhere now. Mom jeans. How are you feeling about them? Do you love 'em? Hate 'em? 

I personally didn't care much until a couple of my fashion spirit animals, Leandra Madine and Jeanne Demas, kept popping up on my Pinterest page wearing their mom jeans whilst looking oh-so-chic. 

I'm not usually one to follow trends and the reality is, I hate wasting money on fast fashion. Yes I shop at Zara and H&M but only for things I love. If I don't love it, I don't buy it. That's my shopping philosophy. 

Anyway, after coming across a pair of 3x1 jeans on super sale, I thought, "This is it. My very own pair of mom jeans!" Yasssss.

I felt all cool and stylish and shit when we shot this outfit. Then I got home and reality showed up on my MacBook Air upon downloading everything. The mom jeans had betrayed me and made my legs look short and wide. Oh fuck.

Obviously I picked the most flattering photos to feature here, but let me tell you those jeans went back to the store the next day!

I don't know how Leandra and Jeanne do it because when I try wearing a leg wider than a straight cut, I always end up resembling a Hobbit. I'm petite and short waisted so all of that extra fabric seems to swallow me right up. 

The search continues since my desire for mom jeans is still out of control. I recently saw a pair at Topshop, appropriately labeled, MOM, so I might go back for those and if they don't work out, well I'm breaking up with mom and remaining faithful to my skinnies.

xo, Nathalie