Imagine my surprise and delight when I'm going through the Sephora site a couple of weeks ago and I see my all time favourite skincare brand under the What's New section. I'm talking about the home grown, Toronto based, natural skincare line Consonant. I've tried a ton of skincare in the last year and they continue to be on the top of my list. 

Mostly recently I was chatting with a colleague of mine (oh hey Anita!) about how her skin has been freaking out. This is a woman who wears no makeup and has beautiful skin that I can only wish to achieve with foundation and concealer. Anyway, I've seen my own skin go through various stages of freak outs from stress, the weather and my age. (Yes I'm in my 30's and proud.) So here I am, pretending to be a skincare guru and shit, trying to diagnose Anita's skin and I have this "aha moment" and tell her what she needs is Consonant

Their Ultra Moisturizing cream is the best thing you could ever put on your face. I have oily/ combo skin and I love this cream like I love my cats. The cream absorbs into the skin right away leaving it well hydrated. Take it a step further with their HydrExtreme serum, the holy grail of all serums. This stuff has gotten me through some severe winters and has even balanced my skin back to normal when I apply it to blemishes. It's like a little miracle serum that nourishes the skin. 

Finally, everyone- young, old, male, female, needs a good SPF in their skincare regimen. I've raved about this product for the last 2 years and I still stand behind it. The Perfect Sunscreen is just that, perfection. It acts as an amazing makeup primer when mixed with a pump of moisturizer and HyrdExtreme. Seriously try it and let me know what you think. 

As for Anita and her troubled skin, I hooked her up with some extra Consonant goodies I had lying around. I'm sure that her skin will be back to normal soon and that she'll be hitting up the Sephora counter for the full sized versions. 

xo, Nathalie