The Best Conditioner for Battling Hair Static & Dryness


Winter is just around the corner and we all know that does to our hair – STATIC. DRYNESS. DULLNESS. UGH.

Tackling static is one thing but in combination with winter accessories like hats, scarves, and coats, it’s a lot to consider. Or you know when it gets too warm indoors and you go to pull your sweater off over your head and whoosh, static mayhem, hairs flying everywhere for the rest of the day, sticking to your face and making it impossible to focus.  

I personally have another winter hair issue all together. I have this terrible habit of tucking my hair into my coat. Don’t ask why but it’s a comfort thing. I have this idea that if I don’t then my scarf or my handbag will damage my hair form tugging on the strands. In actuality I’m probably just introducing friction to my hair therefore damaging the ends and turning everything into a big static’y mess. (I really need to stop.)


To help me with this question, I tapped into Pantene’s Principal Scientist, Dr. Jeni Thomas who told me that static is caused by lack of moisture - low humidity from indoor heating and harsh winter weather outdoors.

She also explains, “Proteins in our hair fibers give hair a natural charge, but this charge is dissipated by hair’s internal moisture. When it’s cold outside or with electric indoor heating, humidity levels are exceptionally low – our hair tries to match those levels, which means it becomes stripped of static-blocking moisture.

Add a touch of friction, like taking off your scarf, and SPARK! Instant annoying static electricity. Suddenly hair is sticking out in all directions. That happens as the electrical charge on one strand repels the charge from the neighboring strand, pushing each other away from like two opposing magnets rather than flowing together.”



Conditioners like the Repair & Protect collection from Pantene help keep static away thanks to the micro-moisturizers in the formula that hydrate every strand. “Pantene conditioners are formulated by carefully balancing moisturizing ingredients that regulate the hydration levels of hair and penetrate each layer of the hair fiber” says Dr. Jeni Thomas.

So now that you know how Pantene works to beat static, make sure that you’re conditioning from root to tip in the shower to keep those fly-aways away. ;)

Here’s to healthy, static-free hair this winter!

Pantene Repair and Protect Conditioner -Hat-1.gif


 Hair can look dull when there’s damage along the shaft and it doesn’t reflect the light on the strands. Pantene’s conditioners features “smart-technology” that targets the damaged parts of the hair.

 Since I’ve been growing out my hair I’ve found that I not only tuck it into coats, but sweaters, AND it’s constantly getting caught on the shoulder strap of my handbag.

 I kid you not, the damage is evident when I condition with something other than Pantene (look I have two bathrooms and right now only one of them is stocked with Pantene and the other one has a $30 bougie conditioner and shampoo that leaves my hair looking lack luster and frayed.) What can I say? Pantene is where it’s at.  

Best Conditioner for Winter Hair - Teddy Bear coat, Alexander Wang boots, Toronto street style - photos by Geoff Martin for by Nathalie Martin_2516.jpg

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Best Conditioner for Winter Hair - Teddy Bear coat, Alexander Wang boots, Toronto street style - photos by Geoff Martin for by Nathalie Martin_2502.jpg

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pantene. All photos and opinions are my own.