As I write this my entire house is in chaos as I gear towards holiday mode. Gift sets and press releases are all over my living room floor along with my studio lights, cameras and props. Geoff begs me to tidy the mess and I swear to him that I'm trying in between getting work done and searching for a dress for my BFF's upcoming nuptials. She's my very best friend in the whole world; like a sister really and we've known each other since we were 10. She's marrying her long time boyfriend over what she calls a "boozy brunch" because she can't fully admit to herself that it's a real wedding. 

In the middle of wedding planning there are also birthdays - hers, her boyfriends and mine. Not to mention the holiday events (!!!)- my husbands company Xmas party (which I cringe at each year seeing I have social anxiety) and then all of the industry events that come with blogging. 

Life is a little chaotic right now but even still I try to carve out the time to see the good in everything and be thankful. I know it's major cheezy but it helps because you know what, life is tough and it can really suck if you let it get the best of you. Take the time to connect with the people you love and appreciate what you have each and every single day.

I know in time I'll find something to wear to my best friend's wedding and that samples in my living room will be put away. At the end of the day those are trivial things and having time to spend with my hubby and my family are so much more important. 

I'll leave you guys on that note for now and promise to get more real on the blog cuz sometimes we all just need a bit of honesty. 



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Washed out tunic from  Sanctuary Clothing . 

Washed out tunic from Sanctuary Clothing



I'm wearing: Aritzia coat, Sanctuary Clothing top, Equipment skinny scarf (from the Kate Moss collab), Rag & Bone jeans, TOMS sunglasses, Chanel patent leather jumbo flap bag, Saint Laurent Candy Platform boots, Tom Binns nail bracelet and Vita Fede rings from Black Caviar

Bracelets and silver rings from  Black Caviar  in downtown Oakville. 

Bracelets and silver rings from Black Caviar in downtown Oakville. 

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