112414 The Versatile Shirt

I'm a big fan of versatile clothing - pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down that can be worn year round. Every piece of clothing in my closet serves a purpose and can be worn various ways. That's why I was excited when kor NYC approached me for a collab. 

WoahStyle.com | KOR NYC Unisex Muscle tank

Cyclist Allison Cline, founded kor NYC with the intention of creating athletic clothing that can be worn off bicycle and out for cocktails with the girls. Athletic wear that doesn't look like athletic wear made of high performance fabrics. Based on my personal style and aesthetic, Allison sent me the Unisex Black Muscle tank. (Thank you!) The shirt is made of a silky mesh fabric that is slightly sheer. The perfect addition to my minimal style. 

WoahStyle.com | KOR NYC Unisex Muscle tank

The incredible success of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection is proof that the athletica trend is still going strong. Sure, the designer name has a part in its success but people want sports wear right now. Just look at the line Hood By Air; couture sneakers by Chanel and street style influenced Nike runners donned by fashionistas like Aimee Song. Athletic wear is urban, minimal, contemporary, comfortable and shall I dare say it, fashionable. I'll be wearing my kor tank with cozy knits in the winter, with blazers to the office, with a leather jacket for a relaxed look and with leather shorts in the summer. Oh, and of course on the yoga mat and my bicycle for those 4 times a year I decide to work out. Check out more of the kor NYC collection here

WoahStyle.com | KOR NYC Unisex Muscle tank and Zara jeans