112614 Givenchy Pandora Review

I fell in love with the Givenchy Pandora a few years ago at the peak of my Alexander Wang obsession. Countless AW items in my collection later, the Pandora was still a faraway flicker on my wish list.

WoahStyle.com | Givenchy Small Black Leather Pandora Bag

I swear fate brought us together on a windy rainy night. (Seriously!) Not expecting to do any shopping, I popped into the store looking to kill some time. I had just started looking at the handbags when one of them fell on the floor and landed on my feet. (Not even exaggerating. Promise.) I picked it up and there she was - the small Givenchy Pandora in black. I held it close to my body and walked around the store in a haze. I left with my new purchase not sure if I would keep it but after all, that’s what return policies are for!

I took it home and fell in love with in. Everyone on Instagram said “keep it” and so I did. Not only because it’s beautiful but because it’s so lightweight and comfortable to carry. Anyone with an Alexander Wang Rockie, Rocco or Diego knows how heavy bags can be. Carrying a shiny new lightweight Givenchy just felt like a breath of fresh air. The silver hardware is so different from anything I have in my closet and it looked more classic and less urban than what I own. It was meant to be.

WoahStyle.com | Givenchy Small Black Leather Studded Pandora

This particular Pandora has 4 silver studs in each corner in the front of the bag. The front zippered pocket is excellent for keeping my iPhone and lipstick, basically anything I need quick access to. The zipper on the back of the bag is the main compartment. It’s large enough to hold my Fumo Wallet, cosmetics pouch and Frends headphone. A small interior pocket comes in handy for holding any other small accessories.

What I particularly enjoy about the small Pandora is that it retains its unique rectangular shape well. I had tried on the mini Pandora earlier in the year and I felt it was too small for the price point. I had also tried the medium Pandora and I felt it was too large for my petite frame and the bag quickly lost its shape. I was the Goldilocks of Pandora’s looking for the right one.

Sometimes the wait pays off. I’ve learned from past experiences to be patient and get exactly what you love instead of settling for something else. I’m really happy with my bag and I know I’ll love it for years to come. What’s your current favourite bag and do you have an interesting story of how it came into your life?