Back Alley Vogue feat. Global Garçon

So this happened unexpectedly... Michael, of Global Garçon, and I decided to throw this post together just the night before. (Yes, we coordinated our outfits in case you're wondering. So what? ^_^ ) On the day of shooting, we were crazy pressed for time to get it done as quickly as possible. The sun was going down and we were loosing our light fast. To add to the mayhem, the back alley where we shot this, suddenly became a hot spot of activity with all kinds of people (garbage men!) walking through and giving us oddball looks. We persevered nonetheless, with our black and white outfits and Vogued the hell out of that alley. The thing is about fashion bloggers is that we are heavily determined to get a good post for our blogs and nothing, not the cold weather and not even the garbage men will prevent us from getting a good pic. ;)
xo, Nathalie

                                      I call this shot, WoahStyle  x   Global Garçon .

                                      I call this shot, WoahStyle x Global Garçon. x GlobalGarcon.com_Zara army band jacket_Rag and Bone zippered moto jeans_Isabele Marant Angie boots_Givenchy Bambi Clutch_Antigona_StreetStyle Luxe_Fashion Bloggers_OOTD_4248.JPG

Zara army jacket.
Urban Outfitters deep V, tissue t-shirt.
Lisbeth Jewelry necklaces.
Rag & Bone zippered skinny jeans.
Larsson & Jennings watch.
Givenchy Antigona Bambi clutch.
Armani sunglasses.
Target hat.

For Global Garçon's outfit details, check out his awesome blog here.