Simplified Skincare with SkinOwl

Guys, I had terrible skin growing up. Part of it is probably because I was using terrible products. I bought into the advertising and tried chemical-laden products that were doing way more harm than any good. That's why I now gravitate towards natural products and am vigilant about supporting brands that are made with quality ingredients. 

When SkinOwl reached out and asked me if I wanted to try their Beauty Drops, I was very excited. I'd read articles about using oils to replace moisturizer and thought it was an interesting concept. 

SkinOwl's Beauty Drops are designed to replace your moisturizer AND serum, which is a huge time saver. They're also made with raw, organic ingredients which is a plus. Smell is so important when it come to skincare and the scent of the Beauty Drops is not overwhelming - it's very natural and pleasant. Their Beauty Drops come in three formulations: Lavender (for oily/sensitive skin), Geranium (for combo/uneven skin) and Clary Sage (for aging/tired skin).

I was originally sent the Lavender Beauty Drops, since I generally have oily skin. However, as the seasons changed, my skin became dry. They also sent me the Geranium, since it suited my needs better. You need to use 10 drops every morning and evening and it'll moisturize and nourish your skin. After a week of using it religiously, my BFF Diana asked me if I was sleeping more, which is her way of saying my skin looks good. I gave the Lavender drops to my husband Geoff since he has oily skin and he likes it. He was in a rush this morning and didn't use it - he said that he definitely felt a difference. He said his skin didn't feel as good and he thinks this is something he can see himself using regularly. 

SkinOwl also sent me their eye+ which is for the area under your eyes. It feels great on, and like Diana said, I look like I'm sleeping better - maybe it's because I've been using this?

If you love natural skincare and are looking to simplify your routine, check out for their full assortment of products.

xo, Nathalie

Disclaimer: These products were provided by Skin Owl, but I keep it real. I wouldn't recommend something to my readers that I didn't like. Friends don't lie to friends.