"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - YSL

I went shopping with Geoff and my mum this weekend at a very popular Canadian department store. I won't say who, because it's not relevant to this story and I feel like this could happen anywhere. The story goes like this, after hubby and my mum finish their shopping, it's my turn to drag them to the contemporary section. I consider myself to be an "in-and-out" kinda shopper because I always know what pieces I need to fill the gaps in my closet. Also, in my opinion there's nothing more annoying than being stuck in that "I have nothing to wear" scenario, which is why I often shop ahead, or off-season, if I see something that I love

Back in the store, I grab a few pieces from The Kooples autumn collection to try on. I fell in love with a pretty floral dress in aubergine coloured silk, with long sleeves and a secretary bow around the neckline. My mum, being the beautiful woman she is, was going to buy me the dress for my birthday, which isn't until the end of December. (Seriously guys, I like to shop ahead!) Long story short, the dress has a blemish on it that needed the attention of a dry cleaner, so I decided not to take it. Here's when shit got funny. I mentioned to the SA that I'd just stop by The Kooples outlet and look for something there. She responds with "You won't find this dress there because they only carry stuff from past seasons". Um, no kidding!

A trip to the outlet means I have more selection to choose from and I can also score a good deal. Dare I tell her that a majority of what I'm wearing in this post is from past seasons? Because I really could care less. And like Yves Saint Laurent once famously said "Fashions fade, style is eternal." 

xo, Nathalie

WoahStyle.com_Glam Combat Boots_Giuseppe Zanotti_Zara jeans_Equipment cashmere star sweater_The Kooples leather jacket_Mackage Rubie bag_StreetStyle_Street_Style_OOTD_Toronto_Fashion_Blogger_5707.jpg

TOMS, Bellevue Tortoise sunglasses.
Jenny Bird, Moondrop Ear Cuff. (ltd. edish)
Boluva, men's watch in rose gold.
Felony, iPhone 6+ Kaleidoscope case in rose gold.
Mackage, Rubie mini cross body.
Giuseppe Zanotti, combat boots.
Equipment, cashmere sweater.
The Kooples, leather jacket with buckle.
Zara, jeans.
Nyx, lip pencil in Auburn.