Just Get It Done

Blogging isn't always easy. It might look all glam and effortless once the finished product gets published here, but there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. For example, we shot this post early evening on a busy Sunday. The sun was beginning to set, so we were worried about light and it was getting cold really fast. I don't typically get embarrassed taking street style pics anymore, but when a family consisting of three generations and their dog, stops to stare, I will get shy. With all of the elements almost working against this shoot, it's hard to remain composed but, I think determination is always key. Apply that to blogging, or just to life in general but just get it done!!!

xo, Nathalie

Vaughan, silk blouse with bow tie.
The Kooples, smoking jacket and leather skirt.
Saint Laurent, monogram crossbody.
Jcrew, black suede pumps.