When the NARS x Steven Klein collection landed on my doorstep, it took every ounce of willpower to refrain from swatching and playing with the colours right away! I like NARS as a brand fine enough, yet I always seem to gravitate towards their collabs more so than the permanent collection. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for good marketing.

So the story goes like this; Steven Klein, fashion photographer, and François Nars, NARS founder, have been pals for about 20 years. They came together to bring us a collection of beautiful, bold, inspirational colours just in time for the holidays. The holiday kits are wrapped in Klein’s hauntingly beautiful photography (seriously, they’re amazing!) or if you’re not a makeup kit kinda person, you can get singles of the nail polish, lipstick, lipgloss and eyeshadow shades that peak your interest. I was lucky enough to receive five pieces from the collection to share with you guys here; 

The first thing that surprised me about this lipstick is how high gloss it is, and yet it don’t feel like a typical lipgloss. For a more subtle day time look, I ditch the liner and just dab it onto my lips straight from the tube. For a more dramatic evening look, I found this lipstick has much more of an intense shine when paired with a lip liner and applied with a lip brush. No Shame, the bold berry shade, wears better than any lipstick I’ve ever tried, even without a liner. It stayed on even after drinking and eating and left a pretty stain on my lips. As a result, this shade needs minimal touch ups. 

Redemption is a shimmery pale pink champagne shade that scared me right off the bat. Keep in mind that I like a bold lip and the idea of donning a nude mouth always terrifies me. I tried it on, sans liner, and I was pleasantly surprised with how pretty it looked. Even still, I don’t think I like it enough to wear it in public. If I did, it would be paired with either a brown or aubergine lip liner, because that’s just me. I think this one is going to my mum. 

I got this lipgloss in the shade Fast Life. It’s a shimmery mauve-pink shade that’s my idea of a nude. I think the colour is super pretty, but I find that NARS lip gloss and me just don’t mix. Even if I wear a liner, the gloss seems to bleed over my lip line and I end up with a ring of colour around my mouth. The formula itself is high shine as promised. If you don’t have the same weirdo lip gloss issue I do, I’d say this is for you!

The description on the NARS site says these eyeshadows give a "true colour application" and they do. Be sure to spritz your eyeshadow brush with a nice primer first, and you’ll be crazy impressed with the colour payoff. Mortal, the shimmery white shade, acts as a beautiful highlighter on the eye when used with a dry brush. Never Too Late, is a pretty olive colour that could work on it’s own, or layered in with gold and brown for a more defined eye. In my opinion NARS makes amazing eyeshadows and so far, I’ve been loving these! 

The NARS x Steven Klein collection was gifted to me. All opinions are my own. 

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