Sometimes I wonder if I have a touch of OCD. I always have to wash my hands for a minute before I feel clean and I brush my teeth for like 5 minutes at a time. So weird, I know. I also become crazy obsessive when I really love something. This post is all about my current faves that I can’t get enough of. 

These boots Giuseppe Zanotti boots have been galavanting all over town with me these days. I wear them with skirts, jeans, leather leggings and cotton leggings alike. I just love how they look. I think they’re elegant as for as combat boots go, and they make a statement without saying “look at me”, like my glitter pink Saint Laurent boots. (Which I treasure and love so much btw).

This coat is a recent purchase from Aritzia and I got it when the Wilfred store opened at Sherway.  I’ll be honest with you, Aritzia sent me an email saying this coat is faulty because it doesn’t button up properly, which is too bad. I think I have the option to return it, but I haven’t seen this style on colour on their website, so I decided to keep it. It was also gifted to me by Aritzia themselves, so I don’t mind that the placket is a little off. It’s still beautiful in my eyes. 

My leather leggings are from Mackage. Since I got them last spring, they become my favourite fall/ winter pant. I’d recommend everyone get a pair of leather leggings if you can! 

If you notice the backdrop you’ll see I’m at a mall. The Halton Hills mall to be exact. Since The Kooples opened here recently, I can’t seem to stay away. I think even the staff knows my name now. #whoops 

Told you I had a touch of the obsessives-something-or-other. If you guys are getting sick of me wearing the same thing, sorry but not really. i just like to be cozy in the cold weather. 

xo, Nathalie