Fresh Skincare Affair Collection

In this post I’m thrilled to announce that my bff, Diana, will be joining WoahStyle as a regular contributor on all matters skincare and beauty! Aside from my favourite YouTube vloggers, there is no one I trust more for beauty advice, and knowledge, than Diana. We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old and have gone through everything together, including our obsession with Sweet Valley High, Cover Girl cosmetics when we were thirteen, and even running our own business in our early 20’s. You’ll still be seeing plenty of beauty posts and reviews from me, but you’ll be seeing Diana in the mix as well. 

I hope you guys enjoy her first review and learn something from it. I’ll be honest and tell you I’d never heard of micellar water till I read her article here. Then I ran to Sephora, like a fucking nerd, to buy some.

xo, Nathalie 

Some people say silly things like, "I don't care about Oprah or her favourite things." Those people are foolish because Oprah will always have mad game and she knows what's going on. She's rich, she can have whatever she wants, so I'm gonna listen when she endorses things. And you know which brand she endorsed on her Favourite Things list this year? It was FRESH.

I've been a fan of Fresh for a few years now. One of the first things I bought from them was their Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and I made the mistake of purchasing it in front of my boyfriend, who was appalled that I'd spend almost $30 on a lip balm. But let's be real, part of the reason he likes me is because he thinks I'm attractive, and if I had gross, crusty lips, he totally wouldn't want to kiss me. He should totally be thanking Fresh, and realize the huge and lasting impact that this lip treatment has on our relationship. 

Every year Fresh kills it and brings out these amazing Limited Edition kits for Christmas that are 1) an amazing value and 2) filled with legit products that you're going to buy full price after trying them, whether you can afford to or not. Their Fresh Skincare Affair Collection is filled with top rated products and two of the five products are full-sized. Pretty mental for $85 -  especially since the kit retails for $114 when the products are sold individually.

Here's what you get and what I think about it:

Feels super gentle but does some hard work. I'm pretty diligent about makeup removal, so I used a makeup wipe before washing my face with this cleanser. After cleansing, I found all traces of makeup were gone, which is rare - I usually have to use some micellar water after. Didn't have to this time.

Love this so much. I spend the evening at my BF's parent's house. They have a cat that I love, but am insanely allergic to. After spending an evening sneezing and blowing my nose, this was a heaven sent. My dehydrated and puffy face felt soft, renewed and moisturized after leaving it on for 15 minutes.

I've bought this in a full size a few times now. If you haven't tried it, you have to. I know a lot of people are uncomfortable replacing their traditional moisturizer with a face oil, but it simplifies your routine so much and honestly, I feel like this is more moisturizing that any moisturizer I own.

First time trying this. Felt cool and very nice under the eyes. Started using it on a Wednesday and saw my Mom on a Saturday who commented that I looked rested. Hmm...

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 10 years. I've been using this stuff for 9. Coincidence? Not gonna stop using it to find out.

I was at Sephora today and I noticed a lot of their holiday gift sets are flying off the shelves. A few weeks ago, my local store had 8 of these on their shelves. Today, they had 3. So go on girl, treat yourself. Or buy this for the crazy skincare lover in your life. Or both, cause life's short and everyone should have awesome skin.

K bye cya later,


Photos by: Nathalie Shible Martin
Article by: Diana Aldea

The Fresh Skincare Affair was provided to WoahStyle for this review. All opinions are our own.