those grunge vibes

From the age of thirteen to fifteen I went through a major grunge stage. All I listened to was Soungdaren, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Alice In Chains. You know, the Seattle rock bands of the 90s'. I dressed like the guys in my favourite bands with grungy distressed jeans, Doc Martens, Chuck Taylors and concert t-shirts gallore. OMG I owned every concert tee out there and when I couldn't find anymore to collect, I moved onto band posters and rarity B sides tapes of hard to find music. This was pre-Napster my friends when people still collected tapes.

After my grunge obsession fizzled out, I turned goth for some time. I was one of two kids in my high school that dyed my hair black, shaved half my head and wore black nail polish (it was really hard to find back then). All of the kids thought I was weird but I was making a statement and I really didn't care. Post grunge, came my hippie stage. All I listed to was The Beatles and I watched all of their movies on VHS. Peter Sellers movie, The Party was the best thing I'd ever seen and I couldn't get enough of the 70s' during this time. That stage eventually died off too. My mum helped bring my back to present time and took me shopping at Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco, which started a whole other obsession.

There are days when I get dressed, like this outfit here, and I realize that grunge stage never really left. It's much more refined now and more glam-grunge than anything but it's still there. There's no denying it. 

xo, Nathalie

The Kooples, t-shirt and fringe bag.
Rag & Bone, jeans.
Mother Denim, utility jacket.
Isabel Marant, Angie boots.