Get Outside

When Geoff and I set out to shoot this post, we wanted to connect the coziness of my outfit with nature and we intentionally set out to do something less urban. We ended up shore side along the lake on a very cold day. I had the "brilliant" idea to ditch my jacket in vain of showing off my outfit and I was shivering like crazy. My only thoughts were "let's hurry this up" and "my ankles are freezing!" By the time we wrapped it up,  my finger tips were bright red and numb.

We're embarking on a trip to the Canadian Rockies in a few weeks and it's inspired us to think outside of the box. We wanted to do something different from our usual street shots and minimal industrial backgrounds. With this mindset, we are hoping to bring you something different, and inspire you want to get out doors and explore. Maybe just dress more appropriately than I did here!

xo, Nathalie

Banana Republic, jeans oversized cardigan (promo code CYBER)
Old Navy, knitted cap (promo code CYBER)
Gap, sweatshirt with side zip (promo code CYBER)
Roztayger, backpack from Bonastre (on sale with promo code Thanksgiving2015)
Everlane, slip ons