Beauty Talk with Liz Trinnear

When Upper Canada Mall invited me back to their hood last month, I said "sure". My mission was to help them celebrate the store opening of Topshop at The Bay. I knew Liz Trinnear of etalk, was the special guest, but I didn't exactly know that I'd be sitting down to interview her until 30 mins before it happened. Yikes. Instead of freaking out and making a mountain out of a mole hill (is that how the saying goes?), I decided to approach the whole thing very casually and shoot the shit with her. She's a pretty cool girl and she taught me a couple of things about her beauty routine. Read on to find out what two items she recommends for flawless skin and the one thing she does every single night.

Liz is a believer in protecting her skin from the sun and uses a daily SPF, in particular the Kiehl's BB Cream with SPF 50. I used to swear by a tinted moisturizer that Kiehl's made years ago, but they discontinued it. Really stoked that she told me about their BB cream because it's actually very similar to my old fave.

Liz's bedtime routine is always the same, without fail. Like so many of us, she always washes her face before going to bed. She's keen on removing all her makeup to keep her skin looking flawless. Finally, when her skin needs a pick-me-up, she uses the Sephora Rose Mask. She says it's great for hydrating tired skin.

So there you have it, beauty secrets from the adorable blonde who used to guest host Gossip Girl on MuchMusic. That's how I remember her. Oh, and she looks like Gwen Stefani, who I totally love!

xo, Nathalie

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