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WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to visit Bill and Kristina of Consonant Skincare, at their Yonge Street location. We chatted about their natural products and ideal skincare routines. If you haven’t heard of Consonant before they are 100% natural, organic and based out of Toronto. 

Bill, Kristina and Anna (one of their associates) have the most beautiful skin! I understand where the term “healthy glow” comes from now because they have it! I was excited to see if their products would do the same for me so I decided it would be fun using only their skincare and following their regimen and using as recommended.

Consonant recommends using their products for a month so the skin can adjust to the natural products and have a chance to detox. It’s almost similar to a diet. If you’re going to be eating clean, it takes about a month for the body to adjust to the diet and detox before you see results. Remember that your skin is your largest organ so what goes on it is just as important as what you put in your body. 

Since I was previously using only natural skincare I thought a 2 week Consonant Skincare challenge would be beneficial for me. With my bag of skincare staples, I went home excited to wash my face that night and get glowing!

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

For the next two weeks I used five Consonant products for day and night: 

HydraExtreme, $72 for 10mL
Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin, $54
The Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30, $45 
Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream, $36
Natural Foaming Face Wash, $18

Their skincare line up is really simple and straight forward and their formulas are suitable for all skin types and age groups.

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

I asked Kristina what skin care regimen is best for oily skin (my skin type) and she recommended cleansing my face once a day, moisturizing twice daily, and exfoliating once or twice weekly.

I've always washed my face twice daily so this was going to be different. It was a bit odd not lathering up in the mornings but I soon got used to it. I found that my face was less oily throughout the day and I didn't need to touch up my makeup with powder anymore. 

TIP: Over cleansing our faces as we've been told to do by pretty much every magazine and skincare product out there is not necessary. It can lead to the skin producing more oil, which can be more annoying and noticeable on oily skin.

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

I would rinse my face with water, pat dry and mix the most amazing concoction of sunscreen and moisturizer that Kristina taught me: 1 pump of the Perfect Sunscreen, 1/2 a pump of Ultra Moisturizer and 1 (or 2) drops of HydraExtreme. Mix together and apply. With the eye cream I just patted it around my eyes with my ring finger. 

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

The moisturizers absorb into the skin quickly so I like to work fast when applying it. The sunscreen leaves a nice matte finish on the face and acts like a primer with makeup, so I completely ditched my Nars primer during my two week challenge. Makeup applies beautifully on top of these products but the big change was in my skin itself, which was more even, hydrated and calm since using Consonant

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

I loved washing my face with the Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash! Kristina told me that this stuff is so good and would wash away all of my eye makeup so I ditched my eye makeup remover during this time. Let me tell you that it works so well! I start by rinsing water on my face with water and use a pump of this foam cleanser on my eyes and rub it gently into my lashes. My liquid eyeliner and mascara would just come right off. If I wore a lot of eye make up, I would have to repeat the process but one rinse is perfect for daily makeup removal. Then I would use another 1-2 pumps to wash the rest of my face, pat dry and moisturize. Similar to the morning routine I would use the eye cream and then moisturize the rest of my face and neck with a mix of moisturizer and HydraExtreme

WoahStylecom | Consonant Skincare review - Natural Foaming Face Wash

I followed this routine religiously during the course of two weeks. My skin tone and texture were more even and the small dry patches I had on my cheeks went away. I felt more confident with my skin during those two weeks than I had in a while. It's not to say there was anything wrong with my previous skincare but I think my skin reacted really well to the super hydrating products since our winter has been so cold. Even Geoff, my hubby and photographer, enjoyed using their skincare and felt a difference. 


  • 100% natural and organic, quality skincare.
  • Unscented. (YAY!) Though it does have a faint natural scent that is pleasant and relaxing. 
  • Non-greasy moisturizers that absorb quickly. No parabens.
  • Detoxifying skincare.
  • Their products work beautifully. I no longer needed eye makeup remover, makeup primers, toner, cotton pads and facial sprays which means the money saved there could easily go into my skincare.
  • Online shopping for those not in the Toronto area. 


  • Can be expensive.
    Consonant does offer skin care kits and have some very affordable products. It just depends on what your needs are so be sure to have a chat with them if stopping by the store.



  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. 
  • Eating a healthy diet rich in veggies and fruits and avoid processed foods.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Cleanse once daily. (Unless excessively sweating, once a day should be sufficient.)
  • Kristina recommends exfoliating with gentle clay particles or fruit enzymes.
    "We actually avoid micobeads because they are typically made with plastic which doesn't dissolve and can get into the water systems and be dangerous for the ecosystem." -Kristina, Consonant Skincare

    Sugars and nut shells in facial exfoliators can harm the skin by causing micro-tearing. 

WoahStyle.com | Review Consonant Skincare line - 100% Natural, Organic and Canadian made

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Special thanks to Bill and Kristina of Consonant Skincare for their hospitality and to rock-it promotions

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