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WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

You might remember that I went on a little makeup brush binge recently and ended up buying about 14 new brushes! The downside of that is that now I have double, er, triple the amount of brushes to clean! I don't know about you guys but I'm insanely anal retentive about cleaning my makeup tools.

Let's rewind for a sec to when I was a young teenager discovering makeup for the first time. All was fine and dandy until pimples started showing up on my face fast and furious. It was probably hormones, but looking back now all of those dirty powder puffs laden with makeup grime and germs were majorly to blame! Gross, I know. Not my proudest moment but to my defence no one talked about cleaning brushes then - not Vogue, not YM, not my silly friends, and definitely not my mum, who even now in her 60's has a beautiful clear complexion. (Thanks dad.)

Sadly it took me a while to make the connection that dirty brushes = pimples and knowing what I know now, it's all about makeup hygiene. Taking the time to clean my brushes is of outmost importance to me, which is why I reached out to the amazing team at brushegg and to bring you guys this fun collaboration. 

WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

I have to say, these adorable egg-shaped cleaning tools are appropriately named. One side of the "egg" is a smooth curve bearing the brushegg logo. The opposite side has little raised bumps at the top of the "egg" while the rest of the surface consists of these straight ridges to help easily clean makeup brushes. 

WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

As per the brushegg directions, I just dropped a bit of cleaner on the ridged surface and ran the wet brush over it and watched it get clean fast! (For the cleaner, I use a mild natural hand soap or facial cleanser.)

WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

The "egg" fits snugly over my fingers so I could comfortably hold it with one hand while running my brush over it with the other hand. Easy peasy. We got this picture just in time because the brush was clean before I knew it. 

WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

I always dry my brushes by laying them on their side. I suggest to lay them on a clean towel and let the bristles hang over the surface so that the air can fully reach the bristles and properly dry them. 

WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!


  • Never dry your brushes upright, bristles facing up. The water will trickle into your brush and ruin it. Also, never use a hair dryer to dry your brushes for the same reason. Instead give your brushes plenty of time to air dry once you've washed them. I like to wash mine after I do my makeup in the morning so that they're fully dry for the next day. 
  • Don't forget the handles. Give them a little wash with soap and water to make sure your whole brush is clean.

The package on the Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes I bought say every day. brushegg says at least once a month. I like to wash mine once a week but every two weeks works too. And remember, if you start getting pimples, you're probably due for a washing. 


  • Works like a dream! Even my hard-to-clean foundation brush was sparkling clean again!
  • Well priced at $10 / 1 egg.
  • Cute colours, pink, mint, purple, black.
  • So easy to use.
  • Deep cleans brushes quickly. 


  • Honestly. NONE!
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  • Good luck! 
WoahStyle.com | Are you dirty makeup brushes giving you acne?!

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