030415 3 Shoes to Pack for Vacay

WoahStyle.com |  3 Shoes to Pack for Vacay

I'm pretty good at packing for a holiday and usually I can fit everything I need into a carry-on for a two week vacay. The secret is in creating capsule collections with your clothes so everything works together. Colours should compliment each other to get the most out of your limited wardrobe while you're away.

The same rule should be applied to shoes but this is when I have a really hard time narrowing down my choices. Footwear is my go-to accessory and it's rare that I wear the same shoe twice in a row. (I swear I don't have an extensive shoe collection, I just like to change it up!)

WoahStyle.com |  3 Shoes to Pack for Vacay

My three shoes to pack for holiday go a little something like this:  

  1. Something super comfy for walking. 
  2. Something dressy.
  3. Something casual.

Regardless, everything you pack should be versatile. I like pieces than can be dressed up and dressed down (minus the Nike's but then again... never say never!).

WoahStyle.com |  3 Shoes to Pack for Vacay

In a perfect world I would pack about two pairs of shoes for each day while on holiday but I'll have to do with these three on my 5 day vacation to Quebec. Well, four if you count the North Face hiking boots that are not in the pic. They're my "just in case a blizzard hits" shoe. You never know with the Canadian weather this time of year! Make sure your footwear choices prepare you for everything!

WoahStyle.com |  3 Shoes to Pack for Vacay

Finally, how cute is this amazing kitty tote bag from Target? I picked it up today for $10! I figure it can go on holiday with me and when I get back, it'll become my new gym bag for bootcamp because yes, I'm that ghetto. But that is if Marvin let's me borrow it! #legitcatlady

Target, Mossimo cat tote
Nike Free Run sneakers

3.1 Phillip Lim ankle boots with kitten heel
Alexander Wang black ankle boot