The High/ Low Mash-Up

This post is a true testament to mixing high end and low end. I got this Rag & Bone t-shirt last year and I'm embarrassed to say that it was very pricey for it being just a t-shirt, but I really love the bold stripes and I swear they're not as easy to find as you would think. The jeans are a recent Zara acquisition for $50 and the sunglasses are $6 from Urban Planet - one of those very inexpensive stores that I never fully understood until this moment. The blue Alexander Wang Antonia sandals are one of shoes that I knew I needed and I paid full price for them in the dead of winter and waited months until I could finally wear them. This is my second year owning them and I still love them. Every woman needs at least one luxury handbag and I had been coveting over this Givenchy Pandora for many years until I finally got this one. The buttery soft leather is durable and the bag it's self is light weight and comfortable to carry. Between wearing high and low pieces, new and old, this outfit doesn't break the bank and it shows that it's so important to buy what you love and not just what's trending.

Sunglasses, Urban Planet
Watch, Daniel Wellington
Bracelets, Birds Of A Feather
Lipstick, MAC's Chilli